Whether it's the heartwarming story of a family brought together by a Bayliner Boat, a musical presentation by jazz legend Herbie Hancock for the Bose Acoustic Wave Music System, a protest rally against outrageous ink prices for Kodak EasyShare printers, a gritty behind the scenes look at the volunteers who dared to try Insanity, the hardest workout ever put on DVD, or learning to play guitar with Keith Urban, every concept we create is custom designed to fit the positioning and personality of the brand being advertised. In other words, we don't make content for Mayhew Breen… We make unique content for your unique needs.





Brands and their advertisers have to wake up to the challenge of the Internet and define themselves with clarity, consistency and authenticity.

At Mayhew Breen Productions we’ve been creating Internet advertising for 30 years.  How is that possible you ask…it’s because every time we’ve gotten someone to make a phone call, or convinced them to go to a web site, and we’ve done it hundreds of millions of times, we’re doing exactly what you want your Internet advertising to do.

We apply the same thinking to Internet advertising that we use for every project. We ask the question… What does the product do for the customer and what is the best possible way to demonstrate that benefit.

Creativity without a strategy is called Art…creativity with a strategy is called Advertising.


Although Long Form advertising may be shrinking as far as overall media spending… it’s undeniable how powerful and effective the format can be.  Brands have been launched, supported and reborn using the information rich time of 28:30.

Mayhew Breen Productions has created some of the most successful Long Form shows of all time.  Even as recently as 2018 an infomercial we did for Teeter created an immediate 20% jump in sales.  And recently the show we did with Keith Urban for HSN sold out every guitar that HSN produced in just 60 days.

Long form is certainly not dead and if you’re thinking about using it as an element of your advertising campaign you really should be talking to Mayhew Breen Productions. 



Since the late 70s Marc Mayhew has been creating award winning, super effective short form commercials.  At Mayhew Breen Productions we bring the creativity and discipline learned in the ad agency producing :30 sec. spots… for clients like Miller Lite, Volkswagen, Campbell Soup, Hyundai and Gatorade… to the DR short form work we do today.     

Is short form advertising effective?  A short form 2:00 min. spot we did for Pocket Hose helped sell 14 million hoses…not bad! 

Why work with Mayhew Breen Productions


At Mayhew Breen Productions we’re dedicated to making Great Advertising. Direct Response and Digital Content have given us another opportunity to do that.  For us, it’s not just about how pretty or how well produced your concept is… it’s about how well the advertising works. It’s our job to use the information you give us to create the right idea for you.  Sometimes your product may require beautiful visuals and sometimes it may require something raw and real. From very high end to iphone style production we do it all.  The concept, format and style are dictated by the needs of the product. With the right idea, executed in the right way, we can turn even small products into huge successes. Time and time again we’ve seen companies grow exponentially because of a well thought out creative idea.