For the last 25 years Mayhew Breen Productions has been a premier producer of Direct Response advertising.

Infomercials, spots and digital content are all within the realm of our expertise…an expertise born out of years of advertising, marketing and brand building success.

Marc Mayhew, the president of Mayhew Breen Productions, is an alumni of Doyle Dane Bernbach, McCann Erickson and Backer Spielvogel and was part of the ad team that created and produced one of the most famous campaigns of all time the ”Tastes Great, Less Filling” commercials for Miller Lite. 

When Mayhew Breen Productions began… DR and short form content were looked down on as the step-child of traditional Image Advertising.  Today, DR Advertising on television and on the Internet is considered not only legitimate but the leading provider of sales and digital response…and most importantly it’s Accountable!

Our breakthrough work for clients like Bose, Kodak, Taylor Made Golf, Quaker State Motor Oil and Bayliner Boats took these well established high-end companies out of their traditional advertising comfort zones and exposed them to a new way of selling.  Whether asking customers to make a phone call, go to a website or simply capturing them on Social Media…it’s the quality of the concept that will ultimately deliver results.

With every assignment we create quality content.  Our work for Beachbody (Insanity, T25, Brazil Butt Lift and Cize) set an authentic style and tone that went on to be imitated throughout the fitness world. 

Carl Deikler, Chairman of BeachBody, said that our show for Insanity… “had set the benchmark for all future BeachBody work.”  

Our “Get a Shark” campaign for Shark sent their vacuums flying off the shelves in retail at an unprecedented volume. In fact the campaign was so effective that Mark Rosenzweig, the Chairman of Shark, called it… “the most successful advertising I’ve ever been involved with.”

And our infomercial for the Bose Acoustic Wave Music System featuring Herbie Hancock was one of the most successful infomercials of all time and Tim Hawthorne,  one of the founding fathers of DR, said… “it may well be the best infomercial ever created.“

Clients like FoodSaver, Grown American Superfood , HSN-Keith Urban Guitars, Teeter Inversion Tables, AARP, The George Foreman Grill and Pocket Hose can all attest to the value of a great idea! 

When you’re trying to generate sales for your product you want to work with company that's “set the benchmark”, been the “most successful” and created “what may be the best ever?”

Mayhew Breen Productions is that company and we’re ready to help you create and produce a concept that will break through the clutter and explode your sales.  It only makes sense to work with the best.


With Mayhew Breen, what you see is what you get. Who you meet on Day One is who you'll be working with on your project every day until it's ready for air. Beware of companies that send out the "presentation team" to take the meetings and then farm out your job to a bunch of freelancers who have no long-term interest in how it performs.

Your show will be produced by Maryanne O'Donnell and directed by Marc Mayhew, each of whom have over 20 years of DRTV experience.

All Your Post production will be supervised by Jesse Mayhew and edited by our team of editors.

Marc, Maryanne, Jesse .


We're your team